Line-Voltage Thermostat. 22 Amps Resistive Load, 277 VAC Max. 3/4 HP@125 VAC; 1-1/2 HP@ 250/277 VAC.

Thermostats (North American approvals)

TBX1 (SPDT) Heating or Cooling

Optional TG-TBX1 Thermostat Guard



B121-13272 Hazardous Location Thermostat

One SPDT switch

Epoxy powder coated die cast aluminum enclosure certified to

Type 4x, 7 & 9; IP66

Casting tapped for 3/4” conduit

External adjustment with reference dial

14.3mm x 68.3 mm (9/16” x 2-11/16”) long stainless steel stem

Screw terminal connections

Setpoint temperature range: -9.4 to 60°C/15 to 140°F

Dial is factory set @ 5°C Fall

Temperature deadband: typically 2% of range under laboratory conditions.

Temperature indication: accuracy is ±1% of adjustable range.

Electrical rating: 22 Amps/480VAC

Product size: 254mm H x 129.9mm W x 132.0mm D

10.0”H x 5-1/8”W x 5-3/16”D

Weight: 1.79 kg (3.95 lbs) net

Class I Group B, C & D
Class II Group E. F & G; Class III
Class I, Zone I, Group IIB + H2 T6


II 2 G Ex d IIC T6 Gb
II 2 D Ex tb IIIC
T85°C Db IP66
DEMKO 09 ATEX 0815573X Rev.2
-40°C ≤Tamb. ≤ +75°C

IECEx UL 03.0001X
Ex d IIC T6 Gb
Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db IP66
Tamb= -40°C to +75°C

Thermostats (ATEX and IECEx approvals)